THE DREAM Life-size Original Painting

THE DREAM Life-size Original Painting

From a DR3AMer who grew up watching Rockets basketball with her older brother (who owned every piece of Olajuwon gear ever released) it was only right that I pay homage to the legend and paint the DR3AM Hakeem, himself. What was always an idea that hadnt yet come to fruition, eventually stopped me in my tracks last season at a Rockets game. I  never imagined stepping into a room unexpectedly seeing Hakeem extend his hand out to shake mine and especially never DR3AMED that he would ask me about my art. Words simply cannot describe the feeling I felt on that day. As I always say, time and time again.... FOLLOW YOUR DR3AMS!!


Xoxo Yella 


"The Dream" Original Life-size Painting


  • 48 x 48 inches 
  • 320 hours of layered acrylic on canvas
  • Painting lined with  plush, custom velvet backing
  • Protected and shipped in a custom velvet case created exclusively for Yella's studio
  • Accompanied by a hand-signed and embossed certificate of authenticity
  • Complimentary shipping within the U.S. 

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