WATCH THE THRONE  Original Life-size Painting
  • WATCH THE THRONE Original Life-size Painting

    The 2018 playoffs truly captured my undivided attention as we watched Bron leave his entire heart on the court each night. Doing the unimaginable...somehow surpassing his highlights from the game before. The world witnessed true grit and dedication as he put it all on the line, night after night. HOW? It was then I knew it was important I capture that intense LeBron focus on a life-size canvas. That focus that we witnessed as he stood on the free throw line staring up at the basket, tunnel vision, somehow calm and collected amid flashing lights and unruly fans. That gripping moment, seconds before the final buzzer that could change everything. That profound free throw line stare is my favorite. The stare that always makes me wish I knew what on earth could be running through a player’s mind. 

    We may never know the inner workings of the King's psyche, but I hope that this piece takes you back to those very special moments that I love so much- so that you too, can feel just as moved by it as I was.



    "Watch The Throne" Original Painting

     *showcased at Miami Art Basel 2018


    • 48 x 48 X 1.5 inches 
    • 336 hours of layered acrylic on canvas
    • Painting is coated with high-quality gloss varnish protecting from dust, moisture and UV rays, preserving the vibrancy of the painting to last a lifetime
    • Painting lined with plush, faux suede along the backside with hardware attached and ready to hang
    • Painting is accompanied by a hand-signed and embossed certificate of authenticity
    • Complimentary shipping within the U.S. 

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